The Hanyoung Nux Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a branch of Hanyoung Nux Co., headquarters in Incheon, South Korea, specializing in the production and distribution of industrial electrical and automation equipment.

We have a wide range of products, with over 100,000 items effectively applied in the industrial electrical and automation field.

Our products are widely used in the Vietnamese market in various industrial field (plastics, food, mining, metallurgy, etc.), agriculture (aquaculture, livestock farming, crop cultivation, etc.), with some main products, such as control equipment (temperature control, counters/timers, TPR, etc.); sensor equipment ( photo sensors, fiber sensors, proximity sensors, etc.) or various accessories, such as buttons, alarms, connection terminals, etc.



Email: vietnam@hynux.com

Web: www.hanyoungnux.com

Tel: (+84) 028 3512 2065

Add: HANYOUNG CO.,LTD. #28, Gilpa-ro 71 beon-gil, Michuhol-gu, Incheon, KOREA.

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