CSTech Leads the Supply of Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Clean Environment

January 4, 20240

As the world navigates through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a notable increase in societal attention towards hygiene and environmental concerns. Commercial facilities such as shopping malls and high-traffic areas are placing a heightened emphasis on environmental management in response to this shift in focus. Consequently, companies in the cleaning equipment supply industry are introducing products designed to create cleaner and more hygienic environments.

Cho Jung-ok, CEO of CS TECH, remarked, “Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased demand for hygiene. With the recent shift to the ‘Living with COVID-19’ paradigm, population density is once again on the rise. This resurgence has raised concerns about the potential for the re-emergence of infectious diseases. As a result, there is a growing interest in creating comfortable environments conducive to cleanliness.”

CSTech Leads the Supply of Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Clean Environment
Cho Jung-ok, CEO of CS TECH

This renewed emphasis on hygiene and environmental cleanliness is driving companies to innovate and offer products that contribute to the creation of healthier spaces. As people continue to prioritize a clean and safe environment, the cleaning technology sector is likely to see further advancements and increased adoption of solutions that address both hygiene and environmental concerns.

In response to increased societal awareness of hygiene and environmental concerns, there is a growing trend towards the adoption of vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters not only in households but also in theaters, shopping centers, and various industrial settings, effectively capturing even fine particulate matter. However, it was noted that HEPA filters introduced in household vacuum cleaners may not be suitable for commercial use due to their smaller filter areas.

Established in 2006, CS TECH has been actively manufacturing a diverse range of cleaning equipment, including commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners, functional cleaners, ride-on cleaning devices, and floor polishers tailored to customer demands and usage environments. The company particularly emphasizes the direct injection and production of key components to ensure quality improvement and competitiveness in pricing.

CS TECH currently produces over 50 types of products, categorized as large, medium, and small, based on suction capacity. The company specializes in vacuum cleaners, with a notable focus on HEPA filter-equipped models designed for cleanroom applications. The HEPA filter used in these models is rated as H13, capable of filtering particles as small as 0.3 microns, including ultrafine dust.

According to CEO Cho, commercial vacuum cleaners are divided into dry and wet types based on their intended use. The choice of the number of motors is determined by suction power, while tank capacity (size) is divided based on the quantity and size of the contents. As user environments vary, the company strives to meet diverse customer demands, offering both ready-made and custom products.

One such innovation reflecting consumer needs is the Squeeze-type Cleaner (CS-150SQ), designed to clean dirty water on the floor using a squeeze mechanism. This model features a convenient foot pedal to easily lower and raise the squeeze, along with a discharge hose and central rotation mechanism in the body to handle suctioned dirt and water effectively.

The P.E. Brogi Vacuum Cleaner (CS-145FW) distinguishes itself by being produced from the inside, inflating the body rather than using injection-molded plastic. This construction method enhances durability and resilience against impacts.

CEO Cho emphasizes the company’s commitment to quality improvement and customer satisfaction, providing swift and continuous after-sales service through nationwide outlets. Additionally, for cases where on-site service is impractical, the company ensures A/S through courier services directly from the headquarters.

When questioned about the future direction of vacuum cleaner development, CEO Cho envisions a focus on powerful suction capabilities and enhanced user convenience. She emphasizes that achieving high suction power goes beyond adopting powerful motors;it requires technological advancements in internal cyclone generation to minimize resistance and optimize suction efficiency.

Furthermore, Cho anticipates that future developments will incorporate wireless battery technology, accessories, stylish designs, and user-friendly maintenance features, aligning with evolving consumer demands.

CSTech Leads the Supply of Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Clean Environment

CS TECH is actively working on the development of two new products aimed at improving user convenience and enhancing performance.

One of the challenges faced by users is the gradual decrease in suction power over time due to dust accumulating on the filter, hindering air intake. If left uncleaned, the dust on the filter can eventually lead to motor overload, causing malfunctions. To address this issue, users are required to periodically clean or wash the filter, which can be cumbersome.

Moreover, handling the dusty filter directly or experiencing dust scattering during cleaning can be inconvenient for users. CEO Cho expresses optimism that the upcoming products will alleviate these inconveniences, providing a solution to the common problem. Currently, the company is in the testing phase for these innovations.Another product in development, the floor polisher, focuses on various conveniences such as angle adjustment and fixed forms. CS TECH plans to release this product at the end of this year or early next year. The company remains committed to advancing technology and addressing user needs to enhance overall satisfaction.

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